SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization - Search Engine Optimization by Onpage and offpage optimization for the purpose of your website to rank high on the regional natural result of search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing SEO + PPC = (pay per click or Adwords) + LBS + VSM: search engine marketing: Using Text link advertising like Google Adwords or Yahoo to pay according click on the word keywords you want your website to appear, the majority of the keywords that you must click Bid price to appear or appear in a higher position in the section SPONSOR - Link sponsored by the search engines.

But gradually understood as Adwords SEM SEO is very difficult due to KPI (index measurement) and ROI (Return of Investment) and often discriminated SEM and SEO as above

If you want to do PPC advertising - Adwords is very easy, anyone with a credit card such as Visa International, MASTER CARD can be registered and read the Help section can be done, self-advertisement on Google or Yahoo are. But SEO is much more difficult, you can spend seven million chips to go to school or can hire SEO services company seo done for you faster.

LBS: Local Base System
VMS: Marketing Virtical search

+ SEO: Usually do long-term, not short-term work. SEO accounted for 88% of the clicks on the website.
+ Adwords usually short-term, immediately pull over uncertain and 12% of customers from search

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Worldwide, the term SEO and SEO services for a long time appeared to have the appearance of the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo ... In Vietnam, this term appears only in recent years, but has quickly asserted its advantages in Vietnam "village" technology. As of Internet users on the increase leading to the outbreak of the number of websites in the world, need to seek information through search engines has increased and gradually become a daily essential needs of Internet users. When wishing to find information, users must enter a query using keywords (keywords) and the tool will return results accordingly. To display the results compatible with the needs of users looking for. The search engines are the classification criteria and arrangements for website ...