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Website of the customer is not only eye-catching, fast-loading, meet customer needs, with user-friendly but also friendly with Google, Yahoo, Bing (the search engines popular today) to website always appear higher on the search engines. Web promotion would be simpler if the website you are programming a search engine-friendly from the outset. With the development of talented engineers, professional, Vietnam SEO will design you a website with everything you need to exploit the strengths of the internet, making the reader interested in learning more about : 

Service company customer. 

Helps you identify customers. 

Create forms and feel according to the specific needs of the customer. 

Makes the site always lively and eye-catching visitor. 

We are proud to have designed the unique site, in close collaboration with customers from the beginning until the end. And if you are unsure know how selective we will advise and provide expert advice.

Website You can complete the following factors:

- User friendly interface with users.
- The interface is compatible with all PCs, mobile phones, tablets ... and with all of the browser program.
- Optimize your website to do SEO on page.
- You can use keyword advertising services on Google and Yahoo in the Vietnam market.
- Yes google analytic functions (engine traffic statistics and assess user behavior on the web).
- Suitable for use the service online brand management (ORM).
- Architectural support website optimization on search engines (SEO).
- Sitemaps are designed for future expansion.
- Administration and Decentralization webmaster.
- Make sure the number of unique visitors and simultaneous access.
- Support utilities help users easily print, share information with friends and recorded the responses.
- Using the most advanced technology.
- Path (URL) friendly.
- Online editor to format the content of the website.
- Allow upload documents website.
- Develop HTML interface displays correctly on the popular browser (IE7 +, Firefox 3+, Safari 4+, Chrome).
- To ensure correct display on the operating system: Windows, MacOS, Linux, ...

Vietnam web design

Why choose Vietnam SEO to help you design your website?

Website of the customer will be installed with a search engine friendly bot (the search engines) to search for potential customers of the customer from the internet.

Your data will be encrypted to prevent the loss of data from the administrator or a hacker hosting (to prevent opponents case you buy customer information of customers from hosting administrators).

The source code of the website you will be encrypted to prevent hackers or manager appropriated for human hosting a website similar versions.

Pages receive data will be installed anti-hacker security code spam soles information request to the server constantly clog servers.

Website of our customers will be maintained indefinitely to ensure that customer satisfaction with the website and the website offers practical benefits for the customer.

Your website will be fitted free functions such as tracking customers to websites where you (visitor tracking), time tracking, ip, host of the admin login to the website administrator (admin logs - to detecting an admin account for timely handling instruction).

Process Design Website

The two parties shall sign a contract. You pay 30% immediately after the contract was signed (phase I).

You will send the company information, logo, product images via email to us. If the file size is too large, we will staff the corporate office to receive customers.

We will demo website for the customer interface.

Updating and editing interfaces as required by the customer.

Once you agree with our website interface, we will carry out the functions programmed website.

Update the website functions required by the customer.

Once you agree to the website functionality, the two sides will conduct acceptance test.

You pay us 70% of the remaining contract value (phase II).

We upload your website on hosting guests, the maintenance required by the customer.

* We would like to introduce some typical client has cooperated with Vietnam SEO in recent years. Please see the list HERE
* Please CONTACT or call 0917 212 969 (24/7 support) for free advice for the development of electronic commerce enterprise customers.

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