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Do to people to find products or your services?

Through search engines, when Internet users type in a keyword (keyword) has been purchased by a label, that label website will appear in the first five results found. Since then the customer the opportunity to visit the website, most of the information and would like to buy products or services will increase.

What are search engines?

There are many search engines but only a search engine is widely used and most preferred it is Google. In Vietnam, more than 95% of Google users to search for information. Web promotion just done on the Google search engine in order to save costs and time. You should not invest cost of website promotion on the remaining apparatus.

Select keywords to promote your site

Every website on the Internet and tools are used to a certain object. The keyword survey done quite simple and trustworthy Vietnamese SEO will help you correctly orient the shortest path leading to your potential customers.

Web promotion

Compare website promotion (SEO Services) and Google Adwords advertising

Most SEO companies and SEO firms have all acknowledged using website promotion (SEO services) would be cheaper in the long run Google ads adowrds. Website reputation is also enhanced when customers find your website listed in the list of natural results. See more about website promotion services

Differentiating website promotion (SEO Services) and Google Adwords advertising

Website using Google adwords ads are placed in gray background music and specify the "Ads". The rest is a list of Google sites evaluated and ranked based on the credibility of the website. See more about Google Adwords Campaign

Confusion about web promotion

There are some individuals that type in the search box on Google with keywords that your company name or domain name of the website while their website is listed first and that such promotion should not anymore! This is totally wrong because when there is demand for the product or service that they often do not know the name of the company they just type in the phrase is the name of the product or service they need. For example: Customers want to buy the piano, they can not type in a company name that somehow selling piano can only knock is: Buying or selling piano piano ...

The main job as website promotion

In addition to the techniques of each SEO company, the main task of web promotion include: Optimizing the website, check the meta tags, create sitemap, navigation and search engines and create backlinks. The task can seem very simple but it is very difficult to apply correctly.

The results of web promotion

You website will be found in the Top 5 (5 first site in the list of results) when typing in the search box on Google with the product or service name (keywords) of the customer.

Promote website quotes

To proceed with website promotion, you need to provide the website address and proof of the customer's Web sites. At the same time, you give us the name of the product or service you need to advertise. After receiving full information necessary we will conduct surveys and quote on the website promotion via email to you.

Process of implementation of the contract:

Step 1: The two parties shall sign a contract. You pay 30% immediately after the contract was signed (phase I).
Step 2: We send report results monthly SEO or at the request of the customer.
Step 3: After all the keywords reaching the Top or to acceptance contract term, the two sides will conduct acceptance test.
Step 4: You pay us the total remaining value of the contract or we refund the excess amount paid in advance.
Step 5: The two contracting maintain when required to maintain SEO ranking results from the customer.


Vietnam SEO commitments repaid 100% of the money that had been advanced SEO Vietnam if you do not reach the Top website as promised!

The way most effective website promotion
1. Optimize your Google Web suit

This work includes website optimization onpage (souce code, content ...), and offpage (links, social networking ...), this is one of the compelling reasons to do when implementing online marketing campaigns by using common techniques to optimize your website. This work is carried out from the inside out means optimizing the website issues (Onpage) then proceed offpage SEO.

Website optimization results will appear higher in the search engines, attracting large amounts of traffic, increase website presence to everyone.

Besides the regularly updated content, the better oriented website promotion will bring success in terms of sales for you.

2. Participate in activities on social networks

Social networking can be said is indispensable to the citizens of the century. It is a means to interact and advertise online effectively with low cost. Get involved in social networks such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook ... Create useful content, follow people to help them promote the content and become active members of the community to help you build a reputation for your brand , products and services on their own.

3. Promotion

This last tactic is capable of spreading quite strong. You can create contests and awards. Send information to contest the intenet users, share links on the contest and prizes. If the program is attractive, the ability to spread your website is very high and the reputation of your website more widely known.

So you see effective web promotion also means increased revenue and business products and services online is pushing a lot. Try and apply to their main occupations of you.


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Step 1: Add your Google+ account to verify the website. Method 1: Insert the following code into the web content (you can put at the bottom side of the site): <a href=""> Viet SEO </a> - "+ VietSEOcongtyvietseo" as your Google+ ID - The name "Viet SEO 'must be consistent with the name on your Google+ profile. Method 2: Insert the code into the header: <Link rel = "author" href = "" /> Step 2: Register website (or new article URL) into your Google+ account. Log in to Google+, then click on the page Introduction / Collaborator for / Add custom link. In this section you add a description and the ...

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