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* Tel: +84 917 212 969 (Mr. Thanh) - +84 916 942 958 (Mr. Thang)
* Tel: +84 8 2239 8757
* 7th Floor, 60 Nguyen Van Thu, Dakao Ward, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam

* Tel: +84 917 212 969 (Mr. Thanh) - +84 916 942 958 (Mr. Thang) 
* Tel: +84 6503 511 072 
* No 299/11, Tan Dinh Village, Ben Cat District, Binh Duong Province 

* Email 1: vietseo @vietseo.com
* Email 2: vietseo @yahoo.com

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Google history và SEO

 Google not only cache, cookies logged into SEOer computer when they click on keywords to increase CTR Seo but also save your behavior to Google History, which explains why you suddenly need to find keywords Seo his climb to the top 1 very quickly and could not believe his eyes again, it was clear the cache, clear cookies machine ... The result is still very high, but when using another computer tool used in other places or check the results show very bad.   For many people the power on or off such xi What magnesium, many people are afraid of Google store your personal information to harm later on so well off, but the truth is most needed off History ... Dan SEO because we must be transparent as possible to the results of SEO is most accurate when checked. However Disabled ...

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