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You often search for information on Google? When looking for a product name or the name of your Google services, your website has been found yet? If not, we affirm your website is not promoted well. You have to do to reach more than 30 million people in Vietnam are using the internet everyday?

You have not heard of SEO services also somewhat ambiguous about this service? So what are SEO services? SEO services can help you and your customers find each other on Google via a website?

The concept of SEO services can be understood as website optimization services to suit the search engines like Google. SEO is an abbreviation of the term "Search Engine Optimization", is a collection of methods to improve your rankings in the search results page. SEO can be considered a field of online marketing through search engines. SEO services are the solution extremely effective marketing for your business, now dominated by five years, increased traffic from potential customers.

The terms of SEO

What are search engines?
This is roughly translated from the phrase "search engine". When it comes to the search engines, I often think of the well-known services such as Google Search, Yahoo Search or Bing Search, etc ...

What are keywords?
Keywords are words used to describe the product, business or service website. When you want to find a certain information, and you sit in front of the Google search window, you will do? Surely you will hit the main significance of the content that you want to find. The significance of the content that you want to find, such as keywords!

What are the top 5?
Refers to the list of sites located between 1 and 5 in the results page returns the first search engines.

Website promotion activities - SEO:

1. Identify the keywords matching sites, business areas of the customer.
2. Accreditation website, edit HTML tags to the website search engine friendly than.
3. Programming the robot set.
4. Programming .xml files.
5. Register website in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, ...
6. Register website to website directories.
7. Exchange links with other websites.

The first step to SEO is search and survey the keywords in the business areas of the website that there are many people interested in Google searches. Based on the selected keywords to optimize page & off page SEO on the website. Time to up the Top SEO keywords is about 4 months, but slightly longer but certainly durable and more top positions.

When your brand is well known, you need to continue to promote and preserve your brand to No. 1 on Google. For small and medium businesses as necessary to promote the brand website to confirm more. Introducing, customer lists joined our SEO services, invite you to see here:

Vietnam SEO will support to help your website top Google ranks regularly. The goal of SEO is to bring potential customers from itnernet a cost-effective way possible. Once your website has achieved higher rankings in the search engines, it also means that customers come to you will skyrocket. Please contact our Vietnam SEO to advise you today.

Vietnam SEO believe that after you use SEO services you will feel the business becomes simple and the development of an easy revenue.

The benefits of using SEO services:

1. The cost is cheaper than traditional broadcast such as newspapers, television ...
2. advertising to the right audience because when users need new hotel search on Google.
2. Customers trust more Google Top-ranked sites.
4. Your brand is increasingly popular on the internet community.
5. Manage SEO benefits from easy, the number of people looking design, the number of people on the website.

You're wondering costs Top Google SEO services is how much money? Depending on your requirements, a list of keywords and your website is that there are different SEO costs. Vietnam SEO please contact by phone 0917 212 969 - 0908 744 256 (Mr. Thanh) for specific advice.

After reaching the Top Google website you should continue to avoid the opponent SEO chance your website SEO and push down. Some people think that after finishing the SEO position has not changed, that the website is misleading. How your website at the top forever without continued SEO while opponents still push to promote their website and SEO?

Vietnam SEO shows you are doing SEO ROI (rate of return) will definitely positive. There have been a number of customers have cooperated with Vietnam SEO to several contracts on a website because the contract after the first SEO success and profits, they want to develop more. There are also more than 10 customers have SEO website website after their first successful SEO.

Distinguish between SEO and advertising services adwords?

SEO Services

AdWords Ads

Location website on the search results page

Website customers on the list often

Website You are in the sponsored listings (yellow background music)


You just invested an initial expenses. After reaching the Top website, monthly maintenance costs are negligible

The higher costs as more people click on the view of the customer sites, including click fraud in order to drain the budget of the customer. Higher monthly cost website promotion SEO many times


Customer trust because your website is the search engine evaluation report

Google users less interested and confident because you spend money to advertise

How to know the effectiveness of SEO?

Adwords account for three positions above the search results page but the truth is that there are 88% of clicks falling into the natural results and only 12% of clicks on the sponsored ad placements of Adwords. According to data from 2011, the US spent 36 billion dollars to 3 billion dollars PPC and SEO. This shows that if you are at the top spot, the number of clicks Google will be higher than 4 times the corresponding position of adwords.

There is a further problem is that if your brand appear on the natural position, the class and your website itself much better than having a good time on your new Google appreciated. Thus, if you make your website SEO well, much better than adwords ads.

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Worldwide, the term SEO and SEO services for a long time appeared to have the appearance of the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo ... In Vietnam, this term appears only in recent years, but has quickly asserted its advantages in Vietnam "village" technology. As of Internet users on the increase leading to the outbreak of the number of websites in the world, need to seek information through search engines has increased and gradually become a daily essential needs of Internet users. When wishing to find information, users must enter a query using keywords (keywords) and the tool will return results accordingly. To display the results compatible with the needs of users looking for. The search engines are the classification criteria and arrangements for website ...